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  • Region: Speyside
  • Address: Rothes, Moray
  • Founded: 1878
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Speyside is home to many of Scotland’s best known distilleries. 

Rothes is one of the key villages in the Speyside region and this is home to the Glen Spey distillery.

Glen Spey is one of the most modest distilleries in the region and quietly produces some really tasty single malt whiskies.

Glen Spey represents the Ghost in Clanyard Bay story, which is fitting as this distillery has been said to have a ghost in residence. 

The whiskies themselves offer a creamy rich and buttery style with notes of tropical fruit and candies lemon.

A warm and long finish is long and rewarding and offers a fine insight into the Glen Spey distillery.

Did You Know?

The Glen Spey distillery sits below the ruins of Castle Rothes, once home to the Earls of Rothes who lived there until a devastating fire in 1662. 

The Glen Spey whisky distillery was founded as the Mill of Rothes in 1878 by James Stuart and Co, the buildings having started out life as an oatmeal mill.

Six years later, James Stuart purchased the Macallan distillery and in 1887 the English company W & A Gilbey acquired the Glen Spey for £11,000.

Distillery Tasting Notes


Bold and malty. Creamy and Buttery with the promise of tropical fruits.


Fruit salad with honeydew melon, nutty chocolate chip granola with spicy black pepper. With water, canned peaches come to the fore with a sweet honey and cedar finish.


Medium finish with a smooth and rounded finish. Sweet toasted oak, hints of toasted marshmallow and very soft spice.

Cask Number
Date distilled
Date bottled
Cask Number: 801891
Bottles: 284
Date distilled: 17/03/2008
Date bottled: 18/10/2021
Age: Aged 13 Years
Cask: REFILL Hogshead
abv: 56.8%
Markets: EU, UK & North America
Cask Number: 802029
Bottles: 288
Date distilled: 27/03/2009
Date bottled: 10/12/2021
Age: Aged 12 Years
Cask: REFILL Hogshead
abv: 60.2%
Markets: EU & Asia
Cask Number: 801444
Bottles: 201
Date distilled: 02/04/2010
Date bottled: 10/12/2021
Age: Aged 11 Years
Cask: REFILL Hogshead
abv: 59.7%
Markets: UK
Cask Number: 801095
Bottles: 549
Date distilled: 15/03/2010
Date bottled: 21/03/2021
Age: Aged 11 Years
Cask: REFILL Butt
abv: 60.7%
Markets: Asia, North America & EU
Cask Number: 305966
Bottles: 255
Date distilled: 02/10/2021
Date bottled: 02/10/2021
Age: Aged 12 Years
Cask: REFILL Hogshead
abv: 58.4%
Markets: Australia & UK
Cask Number: 303406
Bottles: 188
Date distilled: 21/06/2021
Date bottled: 21/06/2021
Age: Aged 7 Years
Cask: REFILL Hogshead
abv: 56.2%
Markets: North America
Cask Number: 801096
Bottles: 670
Date distilled: 15/03/2010
Date bottled: 26/04/2022
Age: Aged 12 Years
Cask: REFILL Butt
abv: 61.8%
Markets: Australia & EU

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