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  • Region: Speyside
  • Address: Mulben, Banffshire
  • Founded: 1974
Product Description

Founded in 1974, Auchroisk is a newbie compared to some of its ancient Speyside counterparts. 


Though the distillery itself might be a recent addition to the landscape, Auchroisk Single Malt Scotch Whisky is made from the naturally-pure waters of Dorries Well, a feature as old as the hills that gives this whisky its smooth and subtle character. 


 Auchroisk was first bottled as single malt in 1986 and was the first to carry the prefix ‘Singleton’, a name now attached to single malts from Glen Ord, Glendullan and Dufftown.


Did You Know?

The distillery Auchroisk has been build after the plans of "Westminster Design Associates" from 'International Distillers & Vintners Ltd.' in 1972.

The name 'Auchroisk' is gealic and means 'passage at the red water'.

The place for the buildings has been chosen because of the discovery of the well "Dorie's well". This well is quiet hidden in a crevice. Nowadays, a building protects the well.

Distillery Tasting Notes


Light, sweetness, citrus acid lime zest, lemon lollipops, greens, marmalade, dust, plum pulp, prunes, candied fruit.


Very nutty, marzipan, quite peppery, oiliness green walnut, with bitterness, dark chocolate. The high ABV is no problem at all, so well-integrated.


Peppery dry, short finish. Clear cereal notes, malt biscuit.

Cask Number
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Cask Number: 803670
Bottles: 307
Date distilled: 3/5/2009
Date bottled: 21/06/2021
Age: Aged 12 Years
Cask: REFILL Hogshead
abv: 57.9%
Markets: USA

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