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Blair Athol

  • Region: Speyside
  • Address: Pitlochry, Perthshire
  • Founded: 1798
Product Description

The gateway to the Scottish Highlands.

Founded in 1798, Blair Athol is one of Scotland’s oldest legal distilling sites.

The Distillery sits in the quaint town of Pitlochry in pitureqsue Perthshire. One of the key components of the famous Bell's Blend, Blair Athol is adored for its fruity flavour and smooth finish. 

Did You Know?

Blair Athol’s ancient source of water is the Allt Dour – in Gaelic “the burn of the otter” - which flows through the grounds from the slopes of Ben Vrackie. Closed in 1932.

Blair Athol was saved during the depression by Arthur Bell and Sons. 

One of the most visited distilleries, helped by its located just off the A9 with travellers going north from Edinburgh.


Distillery Tasting Notes


Quite a bit of spice in the form of nutmeg, vanilla pudding, so intense ... then there is also nut involved. There’s also a hint of shredded coconut, and a certain sweetness mostly related to toffee, brown sugar and indeed some liquorice as well.


Quite creamy and sweet with vanilla and sugars, juicy and rounded, with the spice adding a nice touch, pepper, cinnamon and baked red apples in whipped cream complete the experience. Hints of bananas, orange, lemon. Faint fragrant smokiness. Lively.


Ginger, toasty oak. Lovely long. nice and creamy, pastries, waffles with partial chocolate coating, the finish is very long and more spicy than sweet.

Cask Number
Date distilled
Date bottled
Cask Number: 302959
Bottles: 54
Date distilled: 26/02/2014
Date bottled: 21/06/2021
Age: Aged 7 Years
Cask: REFILL Hogshead
abv: 46.3%
Markets: USA

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