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  • Region: Speyside
  • Address: Longmorn, Moray
  • Founded: 1898
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The early 1900s were a difficult time for whisky production. Production at Glen Elgin began in 1900 and within 6 years it was mothballed twice and then sold.

Fortunately, Glen Elgin was revived and has contributed to the flavour of one of the world's most treasured blended whiskies as well as being available to enjoy as a honey-sweet Single Malt in its own right. 

Did You Know?

The buildings of the Glen Elgin distillery are rather modest, this being due to a lack of funding when it was first built in 1898.  In 1901, the distillery was acquired at auction by the Glen Elgin-Glenlivet Distillery Company for £4,000. Production began once more, though it only lasted from 1904 to 1905. It was not until Scottish Malt Distillers acquired Glen Elgin in 1930 that its fate improved.

One of the most visited distilleries , helped by its located just off the A9 with travellers going north from Edinburgh

Distillery Tasting Notes


Aromas of honey with a faint smoke sweetness.  Honey, almonds, cereals. Slightly sour fruit, note of mint. With a few drops of water, add some nutmeg.


As on the nose, honeycomb, crunchie bar, apple, and vanilla, cinnamon spices. Cream sherbet, spiced orange peel, green fruit salad, pickled apple.


Still very soft and smooth, woody spice, brown suagrs, anise spice, dryness.

Cask Number
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Cask Number: 805339
Bottles: TBC
Date distilled: 6/11/2008
Date bottled: TBC
Age: 12
Cask: REFILL Hogshead
abv: 56%
Markets: TBC

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