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  • Region: Speyside
  • Address: Rothes, Moray
  • Founded: 1878
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Glen Spey was founded by a local corn merchant who took the opportunity to extend his corn mill to include a distillery.

Compared to other distilleries in the Rothes area, output from Glen Spey has remained relatively modest. It is however, the only distillery in Rothes rumoured to be home to a ghost.

Glen Spey is among the few Scottish distilleries to use a water-cooled purifier pipe from their spirit still, which brings a light oiliness to the new make spirit. 

Did You Know?

The Glen Spey distillery sits below the ruins of Castle Rothes, once home to the Earls of Rothes who lived there until a devastating fire in 1662. 

The Glen Spey whisky distillery was founded as the Mill of Rothes in 1878 by James Stuart and Co, the buildings having started out life as an oatmeal mill.

Six years later, James Stuart purchased the Macallan distillery and in 1887 the English company W & A Gilbey acquired the Glen Spey for £11,000.

Distillery Tasting Notes


Light smoke, vanilla and the scent of overripe pears. Later, the fruits become riper and darker. 


Sugary sweetness and the pears are back again. But then also clearly tart notes. Big tropical fruits pineapple & fresh lemon oils with spicy notes and a pinch of salt.


The sweetness is a slightly tart, very faint oilness. Balanced and dry finish.

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