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  • Region: Highland
  • Address: Alness, Ross-shire
  • Founded: 1821
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Teaninich Scotch Whisky Distillery was built in 1817 and is located in the Highland region of Scotland in Alness. The founder for Teaninich was Captain Hugh Munro.


The water source for this distillery is Dairywell Spring. Very close to this distillery are The Dalmore and Glenmorangie distilleries.


The distillery's fragrant, exotic and grassy new make spirit is the result of replacing the need for a mash tun with a hammer mill and mash filter - the only technology of its kind in Scotland when it was installed in 2000.


The use of the technology, which removes the need for a mash tun, was to produce ultra-clear wort, giving a clue as to the Teaninich distillery character: a fragrant exotic grassiness that brings to mind Japanese green tea and coumarin-rich bison grass. Fat stills also add a distinct oiliness to the texture while not blunting any of its penetrating acidity.


Did You Know?

In 1887 it became the first distillery north of Inverness to have electricity and a telephone.

Teaninich remained in Munro family hands up until 1904, when Robert Innes Cameron, formerly a major shareholder, became the sole owner.

In 1970 the distillery was greatly expanded, and an entire new building with six new stills was taken in operation. The four older stills remained in operation alongside the new stills. 

Distillery Tasting Notes


Sweet grain, malty, yeasty, perfumed, cider. With water more malty and yeastier. Less sweet. A piece of wood, a little alcoholic, biting.


Very bright, powerful, lemons, oranges , burnt orange oil dry with bitterness. Citrus bitter development with hints of toffee and vanilla.


Pepper, bites for the tongue, malt, a cornflake note, faint acidity, dry beaswaxy finish.

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Cask Number: 705321
Bottles: 301
Date distilled: 18/03/2009
Date bottled: TBC
Age: Aged 12 Years
Cask: REFILL Hogshead
abv: 56.6%
Markets: TBC

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